Andreas Kühfuß

My reasons for deciding on Dürr Dental
Dürr Dental immediately made a good impression on me during the application interview in Bietigheim: I was offered an interesting field of activity in a thriving company.

Previous positions
After my training as an orthopaedic technician, I first studied medical technology and then worked as a development engineer for instruments and for implants.

Current field of activities
My focuses are project planning, cost control and leadership as Head of Digital Diagnostic Mechanics

Most interesting challenge
To develop a new device for Dürr Dental, from the specification up to series production, was the biggest challenge up to now.

Personal feeling of success
Holding what you have constructed with CAD in your hands for the first time, and it works just as you imagined.

What I do when I'm not working
I do sports in my free time, and I like to read or go to the cinema. I also love to travel.

What I especially value in my colleagues
The openness and willingness to help of everyone that works at Dürr Dental. The commitment that everybody brings to the team.

Function Head of Digital Diagnostic Mechanics
At Dürr Dental since March 2008