Christiane Schminke

My reasons for deciding on Dürr Dental
Dürr Dental was already familiar to me from the time when I worked as a qualified dental employee. Innovative products like the VistaScan, the company's excellent reputation in the industry and its proximity to where I live finally convinced me.

Previous positions
After eight years as a qualified dental employee, I spent six months of "Work & Travel" in Australia and New Zealand in 2006. The following year I started work as a training and application consultant at Dürr Dental.

Current field of activities
As an assistant in dental care product management, I train new colleagues in handling our products, and I support the sales force as well as the product

Most interesting challenge
In field service, every day is a new challenge because no practise is like any other. Sometimes, even how to get there is a real challenge!

Personal feeling of success
I was allowed to give a presentation in front of an audience of about 250 – my personal record.

What I do when I'm not working
I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. I also pursue my passion: Travelling. Foreign countries, people and cultures interest me a lot.

What I especially value in my colleagues
As soon as I started working at Dürr Dental, I was able to benefit from the openness of my colleagues and their willingness to help. Absolutely every department supported me by lending an open ear and helped me overcome my initial insecurities.

Function Assistant product management
At Dürr Dental since October 2007