Values. Made in Bietigheim-Bissingen.

You can only be successful if the principles you are upholding are clear. At Dürr Dental, we have a very precise idea of how we as a company and employer wish to act and be perceived: A great partner, totally dedicated, innovative, and top quality.

  • A great partner
    We believe that it is vital to communicate with people on an equal footing and to show them our appreciation. Naturally, this applies not only to our customers but also to our suppliers and employees: After all, we're all working towards the same end.

  • Totally dedicated
    We really believe in what we're doing. And we do it gladly and with passion. As a leading company in the medical engineering field, our solutions help to improve the outcome of treatment and to ensure pain-free therapy every single day. This spurs us on to keep on developing new products.

  • Innovative
    Progress starts with ideas. And ideas are the driving forces of our actions. We're always searching for new, holistic solutions and believe in a culture of innovation: We encourage self-reliance and a willingness to take calculated risks; setbacks and failures are tolerated.

  • Best in class
    We are determined to be the best in our sector - with regard to our products and services and as an employer. All of our actions are targeted towards achieving the best possible results: For our customers, the success of the company, and for our employees.