Values. Made in Bietigheim-Bissingen.

You can only be successful if the principles you are upholding are clear. At Dürr Dental, we have a very precise idea of how we as a company and employer wish to act and be perceived: partnership-oriented, innovative, fully committed and ‘best in class’.

  • Partnership-oriented
    We meet people on an equal footing. We embrace a partnership-based approach not only with our customers and suppliers – we’re also committed to ensuring that we live a culture in which everyone treats each other with respect.

  • Innovative
    Progress emerges from ideas. We’re always looking for new, holistic solutions and believe in a culture of innovation. We encourage employees to act autonomously and to take risks. As part of this, we consider setbacks and failures as a part of the solution-finding process.

  • Full commitment
    We’re confident about what we do – and we do it with joy and passion. As a leading company in the field of medical technology, we provide solutions to practice better dentistry making the life of dental practitioners easier. This motivates us day in and day out.

  • Best in class
    We’re determined to be the best in our sector – both with regard to our products and services and in our role as an employer. For this reason, everything we do is designed to achieve the best possible results: for our customers, for our success as a company and for our employees.